Why Entrepreneurship

If you are a nonprofit organization, social enterprise is a way to create your future and ensure that your revenue-generating strategies forward your mission. It can mean more control over your revenue, more jobs for your clients and economic development for your community.

If you are a donor or grantmaker, private or public, investing in social enterprise training for the organizations you support can be a powerful statement of your belief in their mission and your commitment to their sustainability.

The National Center for Social Entrepreneurs (NCSE), the leader in social enterprise since 1983, has helped nonprofit organizations launch hundreds of successful social enterprises in urban, suburban and rural communities across the country. The only national program with a 26-year track record of melding social enterprise with building the capacity of overall organizations, NCSE integrates the best practices of successful business models with a deep understanding of the social sector. Its approach results not only in the launch of successful earned income ventures, but also changed organizations that can look at opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit, discontinue programs that no longer work, operate more efficiently, and more effectively accomplish their mission.

Click on the links above to find out more about us, our process and how we can help you achieve your goals.


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