Our Process

It starts with a community catalyst — and it’s usually someone like you. … 

We empower them as “community facilitators,” help them engage like-minded partners and secure the appropriate financial support. Once we’ve built a local capacity, we identify the appropriate candidates (agency participants), enroll them as NCSE members and help them get started with our educational process.

Internally Directed Entrepreneurial Assessment™ – I.D.E.A.

It begins with an I.D.E.A. — an internally directed entrepreneurial assessment.

We help participants define an entrepreneurial concept and then validate the merit and potential of that concept within the current marketplace.

In addition, we guide them through an organizational readiness survey and help them conduct a light risk analysis.

Entrepreneurial PathFinder

Once participants have formally defined their business concept and gained a better understanding of their organization’s level of readiness, they are then prepared to move on to our PATHFINDER program and continue to hone their approach.

Throughout the course of this program, we help them further define their concept (in the form of a three-page “snapshot” business plan) and assemble a qualified enterprise team that will hold them accountable to the measurable advancement of their goals.

Entrepreneurial RoadMap

At this point, agency participants have demonstrated their commitment to the process (by assembling an enterprise team and developing a “snapshot” business plan) and are now ready for a whole new level of instruction.

ROADMAP is an intensive eight-month process that integrates group consulting with individual support. Throughout the course of the ROADMAP program, all participants are required to craft and deliver a formal written business plan that includes the following elements:

  • A detailed business description
  • An overview of the core business offering
  • A comprehensive market overview and competitive analysis
  • A detailed definition of potential, available and target markets
  • A detailed marketing plan designed to penetrate target market(s)
  • A three-year capitalization and strategic implementation plan
  • Historical and pro-formal financials that quantify with the overall plan

Fellows Academy

Once participants have completed their business plans, they are required to make a formal presentation to the NCSE Fellows Academy — a group of NCSE alumni who have already “endured” the same process. The agency then graduates from the program, moves to the business “launch” process and becomes a member of the NCSE Fellow’s Academy.

As members of the NCSE Fellows Academy, they can then be involved in quarterly sessions where they can network and exchange best practices. Through the new PowerTools™ series, they will be exposed to noteworthy speakers with timely topics and can gain access to resources from critical services providers on an as-needed-as-requested basis.


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