Focus & Results

The focus is organizational change. 

Each and every day, we receive a multitude of requests from both donors and service providers who aspire to improve their communities.

We partner only with progressive donors who are truly interested in making a real difference with their dollars.

We work with them in the spirit of mutual collaboration to provide business planning, business skills development and business launch modules to organizations considering or currently involved in a social enterprise venture.

Success doesn’t come from doing certain things … it comes from doing things in a certain way.

It’s not about a single individual or business idea, but rather how an organization thinks and acts entrepreneurially. Throughout the course of our history, we have found that all levels of the organization (board, management and staff) think and act together to bring success to their social enterprise.

We help participants focus on the entrepreneurial process and mitigate risks along the way — our proprietary processes improve business and marketing practices and generate more revenue from mission-related activities.

The safest and best opportunities for nonprofits to achieve greater short-term financial stability is through a combination of:

  1. Reducing costs (for example: cutting programs no longer needed or valued by the market, spreading overhead)
  2. Improving upon existing programs that bring about earned income revenues (for example: finding new payer sources, identifying new markets, developing new programs, changing pricing policies)
  3. Identifying new (well-aligned) opportunities that may exploit a specific expertise, resource and or relationship(s) and fill a specific void within today’s current marketplace

Throughout its history, the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs has assembled a nationwide network of certified consultants and facilitators.

All of our associates coach their clients in a manner that fosters independence and enables them to develop the tools and techniques they will need to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Clients have described this process as “transformational.”


Since 1983, NCSE has “pioneered” the concept of social entrepreneurship. 

Throughout our history, we have worked with a variety of noteworthy organizations, including the Bush Foundation, the Tupperware Foundation, the McCabe Foundation, Boeing, Blue Cross, the United Way and Wells Fargo banks.

Together, we’ve assisted hundreds of nonprofit organizations in moving to a whole new level of sustainability and self-sufficiency while concurrently reducing their overall level of dependence on donors.

The Most Effective Programming Available

Our programs are extremely learner-centered and have been proven over time to bring meaningful results. We have an interdisciplinary team of instructional design professionals that takes extreme pride in offering the best curriculum available, and we engage and involve our participants in the ongoing development of next-level programs.

High Accountability to Partners and Participants

Communication matters most, so we keep all of our partners completely “in the loop.”

We conduct a pre-program assessment, both mid- and post-project surveys, and provide a detailed report of the program’s results. We continually “inspect what we expect” from both ourselves and our participants and track a variety of key metrics that enable us to improve upon performance.

Our Alumni Are Smarter, Stronger and More Self-sufficient Organizations

Past participants have reported mission, organizational and financial advancements, and over 75 percent of agency participants have reported earned income increases of nearly 15 percent. This is a reported average of over $450,000 per organization!


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