In 1983, the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs took the first steps in an important journey and began to “pioneer” the concept of social enterprise.

For more than a quarter century, we have partnered with progressive donors throughout our great country to help nonprofits find — and keep — a productive balance between doing good (mission) and paying for it (money).

The result of our collective efforts are stronger, healthier nonprofits that have become more self-sufficient and are now better equipped to fully impact their communities.

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It all started with a rather simple idea…

Founders John Whitehead, Judson (Sandy) Bemis and Robert Price felt they had an opportunity and a responsibility to assist non-profit organizations in continuing their important work.

Today, more than 25 years later, the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs’ mission is to increase the effectiveness and financial self-sufficiency of the nonprofit sector by helping nonprofits think and act in a more entrepreneurial manner.

We provide nonprofit organizations a new strategy for dealing with market realities, combining the passion of a social mission with a more strategic approach to today’s current marketplace.

Our programs enable them to find and keep a productive synergy of doing good (mission) while finding innovative ways to pay for it (money). Through an extensive array of tools, people and processes, the organizations we work with learn how to:

  1. Identify and expand on the most effective programs, eliminate unnecessary or duplicative programs and selectively add new services to meet community needs
  2. Enhance skills in research, planning and marketing, to improve their ability to evaluate opportunities, make informed decisions and serve more clients more effectively
  3. Earn more income from fees, contracts and product sales, reducing their overall reliance on “granted” revenue from government and philanthropy agencies and allowing them to achieve greater level of financial sustainability

Throughout our organization’s history, thousands of nonprofits have attended our introductory seminars, and hundreds have benefited from our on-site services.


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